Indiaas koken

In deze workshop gaan we onder begeleiding van Pratibha een heerlijke Indiase maaltijd bereiden en daarna gezellig samen eten!

Deze workshop is engelstalig.

De workshop begint om 16.00u en rond 18.00u kunnen we aan tafel. Kosten inclusief ingrediënten, drankjes en recepten: €30,-  Aanmelden: telefonisch 0620938690 of via de mail!

Over de docente Pratibha Rao:

Pratibha Rao is a food enthusiast and a self-taught cook who has always been interested in the story behind food and how it forms an intrinsic part of culture.

Born in India, she has been cooking for friends and family for over 25 years. Though her expertise lies in North, South and West Indian food, she also likes experimenting with Mexican, Italian and Persian food.

Since she moved out of India, first to Japan and then to Netherlands, she has been organizing dinner meetups to introduce people to good home cooked Indian food.

In Eindhoven, she offers takeaway meals on (under PB’s Keuken) and caters for small groups. She also organizes small food events, Indian cooking workshops and baking workshop for children.