Abhyanga Massage

Abhyanga massage
Abhyanga is the name of an Ayurvedic massage in which your entire body is massaged with warm, medicinal oil. Besides making your entire body feel refreshed and relaxed it also aids in relieving various ailments. The warm oil helps in achieving a calm mind, a beautiful, healthy skin and healthy tissue. The warm oil also benefits the nerve system as it alleviates pain and strengthens the nerves.

Abhyanga massage serves in preventing disease, it helps in:
-Relaxing nerve-, muscle- and other cells in the body
-Relaxing the mind
-disposing of toxins residing in tissues due to stress or toxins in food
-stimulating a healthy blood flow|
-stimulating the circulation and absorption of nutrients
-stimulating the digestive system
-improving the structure of the skin
-combats premature aging processes
-improves sleep and combats fatigue
– Supports the immune-system and strengthens immunity.