Ayurvedic consultation

What food fit my needs? What would give me more energy? How can I achieve more rest and balance in life? How can I find my center and (re)invent my personal strength?
This is a selection of the questions we seek to resolve in Ayurvedic consultations. By doing various tests that allow us to establish your dosha we can find out what disrupts your personal balance in life. The Ayurveda offers tons of different remedies anyone can integrate in their life in a simple way to find balance. Ayurveda is a holistic school of thought that offers different methods to bring harmony to the body and mind and retain that harmony. Think of dietary changes, herbal preparations, massage and cleansing(or detox) sessions.
During a 75 minute consultation you will get an explanation about Ayurveda, we will establish your dosha and your position in life.
In a follow-up consultation you will get lifestyle- and dietary advice, and a workbook that allows you to process all given information at home.