Marma treatment

Marma treatment

The idea behind Marma massage is that blocked energy can be released through the massage of 108 marma points. Marma points are cross-sections in the body where various tissues intersect: veins, joints, bones, skin, flesh and muscle. These point on the body are strong centers of energy, comparable to vital points utilized in acupuncture.

Therapies like acupuncture, acupressure and reflexology are likely to have originated from the theory of marma massage points.

Massaging marma points helps in releasing blocked, untapped energy from the system. This improves the functioning of internal organs.

Marma massage helps the body to relax , to find equilibrium, to cleanse and feed it. The massage stimulates the lymphatic system and blood circulation and aids in combating stress, fatigue and insomnia. It helps in becoming more conscious of the body and relieving muscle tension. It balances the dosha (disruptions in the life rhythm)

During this massage the masseuse addresses the 108 marma points in the body, separated in two groups: the head- and the sub-marma points. The head-marma points coincide with the chakra’s.

The marma points are spread around the torso and limbs on the front and backside of the body. They are categorized by tissue-type, placement on the body, and the effect on injury. They are spread over the body in the following order: 22 on the legs, 22 on the arms, 14 on the back, 12 on the chest and stomach and 37 on the head and neck area. The spirit is considered to be the 108th point.

Before I start the massage we will determine the blockages suffered and what dosha to treat. So I can adapt the techniques and medicinal oil used to your personal needs.

The complete treatment, including before and after discussion, takes 75 minutes