About the founder

About Me

My name is Jasmijn van de Loo, founder of ‘Bela’, Ayurvedic center Eindhoven.
I have founded this center because I think it is important and fun to enable people to learn about Ayurveda. Within Ayurveda there are several disciplines for which I translate my personal knowledge and experiences on herbs, massages, Sirodhara and detox to the Ayurvedic concept.

I came into contact with Ayurveda through my education in “Vedic studies’ that I attended at the ‘Dutch University College’, where Narada Kush was my teacher.
My final thesis treated the Ayurvedic principle applied to our indigenous herbs. This is where my passion is…applying the Ayurvedic principle to aspects of our culture, to make it more accessible and applicable for everyone. Furthermore I offer workshops and occasionally counsel interns that, for example, attend a massage course.

The educations I have attended for this are:

Course Abhyanga en Sirodhara by Ayurvedic master Amarjeet Sing Bhamra

Basic course Marmatherapy by Ayurvedic master Amarjeet Sing Bhamra

Bachelor Vedic studies by the Dutch University College

Vedic counselor at American institute for Vedic studies

Study Herbalism ‘Dodonaeus’ by Maurice Godefridi

Basic Medical Certification at Sonnevelt opleidingen

Detox-coach at Sonnevelt opleidingen

Course in the treatment of optical-disease by School of Ayurveda in Gent

Cursus Facials by school of Ayurveda in Gent

I hope I have piqued your curiosity and caught your interest and gladly welcome you at Bela!