Workshop partner massage

It is a wonderful thing to receive a great massage from your partner, and even better to be able to return the gift. Everyone can learn to massage, and during this workshop we will teach you the tips and techniques of the (ayurvedic)massage. Focused on you as a couple! What makes this experience extra special is the fact that we work in private sessions. You choose the day and time and consult with us to make an appointment. And we will plan a 2,5-hour session in which you get all the personal time and attention you need from our teacher to turn this into a memorable and special experience.

Je kunt voor deze workshop ook een kadobon kopen en aan iemand schenken! De kosten voor deze 2,5 durende workshop zijn €100,- voor jullie samen, incl. massageolie en thee.

Voor meer informatie en aanmelding kun je me bellen op 0620938690 of mailen!